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Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv - Americal Board Certified Hair Restoration

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Before hair transplantation After hair transplantation
Before hair transplantation After hair transplantation

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Dr. Alba Reyes, M.D. to become first physician in Latin American accepted by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
World renowned surgeon Dr. Walter Unger visits Institute to observe new clinical study by Dr. Alba Reyes M.D.

Who is Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv?

Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv, M.D. an American Board Certified Hair Restoration SurgeonDr Alba Reyes Sagiv, M.D. an American Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon and is the pioneer of mini and micro follicular unit and ?FUE? (FOX) transplants in the Caribbean . (Received specialist training in Israel , Brazil, Canada, and USA ).

American Board Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon Dermatologist
Hair Transplant Surgeon Fellow of the "ISDS" - ("International Society for Dermatologic Surgery")
Dermatological Surgeon Member of the ISHRS - (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)
Member of the SDD -(Sociedad Dominicana de Dermatologia) Member of the ISDS

Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv, a "Magna Cum Laude" medical doctor, carried out her dermatological studies at the "Instituto Dermatológico y Cirugía de la Piel" (Surgical and Dermatological Skin Institute), in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.While she studied, Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv was head of residents, and for her academic achievements she was awarded the "Premio Augusto Stiefel". She continued studying dermatological surgery as a post-graduate for 2 more years at the same institute

From 1996 to 2000, Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv traveled yearly to Israel where she received training from some of the greatest experts in the world.There she studied laser technology and pulsating lights for skin rejuvenation, definitive photo depilation, Mohs micrographic surgery, photo dynamic therapy for the treatment of cutaneous cancers and above all, specialized in hair implants.

Motivated by the above, and thanks to the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Dr Reyes Sagiv received the "Perry Robins Scholarship Awards" in 1998, and was recognized as a scholarship-holder of excellence. This has resulted in the opportunity to have work licenses for her trainings in Israel .

Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv, M.D. - Hair Transplant SurgeryDuring these last years, Dr Reyes Sagiv has carried out many hair transplants, which have been fundamental in her professional career.In this line her formation has been in the hands of Dr. Alex Ginzburg, a disciple of Professor Walter Unger who being unique in his countless merits, is editor of one of the most read documents on hair transplants.

In recent years, Dr Reyes Sagiv has dedicated her private practice to the diagnosis and treatment of scalp disorders and especially to surgical and medical treatments for hair restoration.

As a member of the ISHRS, (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), Dr. Reyes Sagiv regularly visits some of the centers with the highest reputations in Brazil , US , Israel and Canada .

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