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Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv - Americal Board Certified Hair Restoration

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Before hair transplantation After hair transplantation
Before hair transplantation After hair transplantation

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Dr. Alba Reyes, M.D. to become first physician in Latin American accepted by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
World renowned surgeon Dr. Walter Unger visits Institute to observe new clinical study by Dr. Alba Reyes M.D.

Who is Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv?

Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv - Hair Transplant DoctorThe doctor is a pioneer in the Dominican Republic of mini and micro follicular unit transplants. She is also a pioneer of the so-called megasessions. These are sessions in which thousands of hair follicles are implanted in just one surgical session.

It is a great satisfaction for Dr. Reyes de Sagiv to receive in her clinic, amongst others, hair transplant patients from abroad and Dominicans who having begun transplant treatments abroad, continuing their treatments in the Dominican Republic .

Dr. Reyes - Hair Transplant SurgeonAlthough the surgery is considered to be long and tiring, the doctor does not allow her assistants to work in place of her. She is happy to offer a service with the highest standards at a worldwide level, and to also offer the security and continual attention necessary after your hair has been restored.

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