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Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv - Americal Board Certified Hair Restoration

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Before hair transplantation After hair transplantation
Before hair transplantation After hair transplantation

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Dr. Alba Reyes, M.D. to become first physician in Latin American accepted by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
World renowned surgeon Dr. Walter Unger visits Institute to observe new clinical study by Dr. Alba Reyes M.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hair transplant really effective?

The hair transplant procedure has been successfully carried out over the last 35 years. It is a recognized medical procedure in the medical profession. The only variable factor is the resulting quality. The first techniques used (still used by some surgeons), gave the baby doll look, with hair growing in small clumps. But the latest advances in the use of mini and micro grafts (follicular units), used in the Hair Transplant & Skin Clinic (HTSC), have dramatically improved the results of hair transplant surgery. The Skin and Hair Transplant Clinic guarantees that each hair graft will grow as long as the patient follows the pre and post -operative instructions.

What are micro and mini grafts?

Micrografts are parts of the scalp that contain one or two follicular units. Mini grafts contain from three to eight capillary follicles. These small units of hair allow the creation of a natural appearance replacing the baby doll look, or the toothbrush look that has been thus far associated with hair transplant surgery. Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv places micro grafts of one to two hairs in small receptive incisions (.5mm), along the scalp, generally along the hairline to give a natural and attractive look. Mini grafts of three to five hairs are strategically placed to give more density and cover more surface area. With this technique, as well as the expertise of Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv, a natural appearance is achieved.

What are megasessions and how do they work?

Megasessions are surgical procedures in the restoration of hair, where great amount of micro grafts (in some cases as many as 7000), are transplanted in a single surgical procedure. Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv has reached the conclusion that with certain individuals, megasessions can be an acceptable cosmetic alternative to sessions transplanting smaller amounts of grafts. Megasessions allow the patient to have more grafts transplanted in fewer sessions.

Can I afford hair transplant surgery?

A hair transplant is more affordable now than ever before. After a detailed evaluation of your hair loss and a discussion of your expectations, we will be able to offer you a realistic estimate of the time and costs necessary to achieve your desired objective or goal. The surgery costs, in the case of many hair transplant surgeons, can often be very confusing. Some surgeons charge per graft, others per hair and still others for the complete surgery. You should always carefully consider whether the amount of balding area you would like covered, as well as the hair density desired can be met by your personal budget. Our patients at the CTP assure us that the results leave nothing to be desired, and that the money paid is the best investment they have ever made. A hair transplant is only successful if the patient is satisfied. Although the cost should be carefully considered, it shouldn't be the only factor taken into account. In contrast to other hair loss treatments, the cost of each surgical procedure is one single expense. We adopt a procedure and price that is in accordance with the circumstances and budget of each person. CTP can advise you of the best financial plan to suit your personal needs.

What makes HTSC different to other hair transplant surgery groups?

In the Skin and Hair Transplant Clinic of Dr. Reyes Sagiv, the staff are not rotatory, we maintain a great stability as regards our personnel. In many other groups the doctors come and go, which means that your doctor could be new and training on you! But the main difference between the HTSC and other groups is the results. Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv uses small amounts of hair in each graft and these thousands of grafts are placed in the scalp according to the angle and direction of hair growth desired. Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv creates uniquely designed hairlines, which are both aesthetic and have a natural look. It might not be the quickest and easiest procedure, but it is the correct procedure! Hair transplants are permanent. Making the decision about which group will carry out your hair transplant is the decision of your life. At HTSC we guarantee our work. Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv looks to achieve the best results possible and will do everything in her power to have a happy patient.

How do I know if I would be a good candidate for a hair transplant?

We will analyze your individual hair loss and will explain to you what your personal options would be. To be a good candidate for a hair transplant, the determining factors include the amount of grafts necessary to produce the results that you desire, availability and density of hair follicles in the donor area, hair color, skin color, hair texture and a predicted future loss of hair. Virtually anybody (men and women) with a degree of hair loss could be a patient.

At what age should I consider a hair transplant?

Hair loss is a problem that continues throughout life. Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv suggests that you deal with the problem early, before it becomes more obvious. An early start allows the surgeon to hide or camouflage the work while the transplanted hair gradually grows, unobserved. There is no age limit. Our patients range from 20 years to 80 years and older. You don't have to delay your surgery waiting for your hair to fall out. There is no magical age when you will stop losing your hair. Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv considers your future hair loss, and plans her surgery accordingly, so that you can enjoy a natural appearance throughout your whole life. If you have been waiting for the hair transplant techniques to be perfected, the time is now here! Once you see the amazing results achieved, you will wish you did it ages ago. You can start counting your new hairs instead of the ones you are losing!

Now that Propecia ® (Finasteride) is available, doesn't that mean that hair transplants are a thing of the past?

Although it has been proved that Propecia ® and Rogaine ® can make some of your lost hair grow again, it cannot restore all of your lost hair. It has been demonstrated that neither product can revive hair in the frontal area, the hairline, the temporal areas or the lateral areas of your head, which are the areas of concern for most people. It seems that the main benefit of these treatments is that they can delay or slow down hair loss in some areas of the head. Dr Alba Reyes Sagiv believes that both Propecia ® and Rogaine ® can be part of a very effective hair restoration program.

Won't it leave a gap by taking hair and tissue from the donor area at the back or side of my head?

The scalp is very elastic. When the strip of donor hair is cut out, the scalp is simply pulled together and the edges of the wound are stitched. The only evidence of surgery will be a thin hidden line underneath the hair that grows vertically at the back of the head.

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