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Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv - Americal Board Certified Hair Restoration

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Before hair transplantation After hair transplantation
Before hair transplantation After hair transplantation

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Dr. Alba Reyes, M.D. to become first physician in Latin American accepted by American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
World renowned surgeon Dr. Walter Unger visits Institute to observe new clinical study by Dr. Alba Reyes M.D.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant SurgeonA hair transplant can be totally undetectable, however it can make great changes to your life. With just one procedure you will notice that people will look at you differently, that you will shine out from the crowd and will dramatically increase your self-esteem.

Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv's Clinic

Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv employs the latest technology in medicine to achieve a totally natural result. With this new technique the transplanted hair continues growing without any medical treatment or the need for products, on top of that you can have up to four times more hair than with previously used techniques.

The Procedure
This procedure is carried out with local anesthesia and is thus painless, permitting the patient to return the same day to their home and the next day to their office!
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